Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story

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Along with fellow undercover agent Edgar Robb, they had the club renovated, installing listening devices and cameras behind the walls. The club became the center for loansharking, fencing stolen property, sports betting and a planned Las Vegas gambling night. Black, who was pleased with the business, offered Trafficante part of the operation. Trafficante accepted.

Not only was it a potential cash cow but his men did not have to be involved in the day-to-day running of the operation. They seized thousands in cash and charged Black and undercover agent Robb with resisting arrest. Black was furious and threatened to kill agent Robb. It took a while but eventually, he calmed down. Kings Court was still bringing in a healthy turnover from loan sharking and bookmaking, so despite the raid, Black told agents Robb and Pistone he would recommend their membership to the Mafia to his superiors. Now in his sixth year undercover in the Mob, Pistone had already gone deeper into the Mafia than any undercover agent.

But his success faced a potentially fatal blow. His first Mafia mentor, Tony Mirra, had just been released from prison. Almost immediately Mirra discovered that Pistone was making a lot of money under Black. If found guilty he would be killed. Pistone was not allowed to defend himself because he was not yet a full mob member.

Instead, Ruggiero defended Pistone. A series of meetings were convened over a two-month period. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing within the Bonanno family ranks. Black was promoted to underboss, which put him second-in-command only to the Bonanno family boss, Rusty Restelli. At the same time, three rebel capos planned to kill Restelli and Black to take over the Bonanno family.

However, Black got in first. In April , all three rival capos were gunned down and the civil war was quickly over.

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Thanks to Ruggiero, Pistone was exonerated and Mirra was sent packing. Over the last few weeks, Pistone gathered all the final pieces of information on the Mafia he could from Ruggiero and Black.

Almost a Wise Guy

He had spent the last few days with Black and Ruggiero and it was the last time he saw them. From Florida, he flew to Milwaukee where he testified against Milwaukee crime boss, Balistrieri, and his two sons. Black was initially in denial. Getty Images Joseph Pistone after the undercover investigation. The Bonannos blamed Black and Ruggiero for letting an informant into their ranks.

In September , Black disappeared after being called to a sitdown with mob bosses. Ruggiero was also called, but on his way, the Feds picked him up and he was taken into protective custody. Pistone had hundreds of hours of wiretap recordings. His testimony helped a federal grand jury return a seventeen-count indictment against Ruggiero, Black, and other members of the American Mafia. Thanks to his conversations with Ruggiero and Black, Pistone gathered enough names to put top Mafiosi behind bars.

In , Ruggiero was released 11 years into his prison sentence due to illness. On Nov. Pistone would later write a book titled Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia about his exploits, which was then turned into the film Donnie Brasco that starred Johnny Depp as the undercover agent.

Today, despite traveling in disguise for his own protection, Joseph Pistone has continued to write books while also consulting for law enforcement agencies. Then learn about the executions, informants, and flamboyance of the American Mafia in the s. By Daniel Rennie. For six long years, Joseph Pistone abandoned his personal life and worked his way up the rungs of the Bonanno crime family as Donnie Brasco. Share Tweet Email. Report a bad ad experience. She was a public scientologist at the time. She always seemed to me to be not fully on board with everything that Hubbard wrote.

Mike, you were in there too within easy range of your slap-happy ex-boss , and I imagine you cringe big-time just thinking about it, so sorry for bringing that up. Sherry was always a great person, kind and thoughtful and easy to be around but I wonder how much she changed and what became of her. Regardless, I hope she is doing well. I bought that hook, line and sinker. Unread books are unread books. The only boom they would make is if they were stored in an upper floor of the house and the floor collapsed due to their weight.

Although it no longer makes a difference, I believe that LRH meant that books in the hands of raw public would boom traffic into the missions and orgs. Executive Software, which changed its name later, under the helm of Craig Jensen, had whole posts whose job it was to carry out the orders of the org. Then the next push was to get people on course or on correspondence course actually DOING the reading and courses connected with the Basics books.

That is an illegal firing. ES was also a feeder to the orgs, as was Sterling Management Systems. And also, I wonder what Scientology lawyers, who do similar work for other religions, think about these letters and of the other Scientology conflict of interest promo. Do they help? Eventually they all add up. As for Aftermath Fdn, legal research is not its purpose. It is there to help people escaping the Sea Org who have nowhere to turn. I remember way back, when a WISE reg wanted to enroll me as a member.

He reasoned that since I used a 6 division org board, used management by statistics, and applied ethics conditions, that I was improperly using copyrighted material. I told him that he made an interesting point, and I would have to look further into the legalities of applying management tech based on LRH books I owned.

Reward Yourself

Never heard from that reg again. Ignored that foolishness completely. Nothing happened. There was a guy at Flag a while back who owned a business — He was on VII and they decided he was done. So, when you finish VII these days, they body route your Amex into their card reader and your ass to the Failwinds. WISE is also used to control Scientologists who might otherwise go to court in lawsuits that many times are justified.

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  • The ripoffs I encountered in my 43 years in business were with Scientologists. The scam artist I filed against walked away with a big chunk of my money that he did not deserve. Mike, absolutely correct. In this case it was friends in high OSA places. Criminal and fraudulent. There must be a presence in Canada,, where I live.

    Perhaps the increasing effects of unabated climate change ie very hot weather climates in Florida, California and Australia had made them initially more heavily targeted. You look like your genetic background is as Irish as mine. The sun and heat actually can make me very ill, disorientated and can even trigger a seizure.

    I also become severely burnt in a short period of time. When I went to Israel several years ago and even at home since, I have to have a hat, long sleeve shirt over whatever I am wearing and NOT wear denim, which traps heat and hurts the skin underneath really.

    10 undercover facts about 'Wiseguy'

    It would be a metaphorical innoculation, non? They were issued posthumously. Bullshit, Inc. Revenue from WISE businesses alone will keep the third dynamic commending itself ad infinitum. Good old pats on the back. Even with the abuses, the mismanagement, the violent rageaholic at the helm. Thanks for questioning it Mike.

    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story
    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story
    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story
    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story
    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story
    Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story Almost a Wise Guy: Based on a True Story

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