Bomb the Silver Lining

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Sometimes there is a silver lining to an atom bomb - Meme on Imgur

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That being said, this still isn't anything particularly new or exciting because there have been many more interesting chase scenes in the main game and other DLC chapters. On a positive note, Silver Lining concludes with an impressive boss battle against Hammerhead.


In it, you have to weaken Hammerhead while occasionally disarming his shields with bombs that Silver Sable drops from her jet. Then, you mash the attack button to hold him in place while Silver Sable blasts his big ugly mug with a laser.

It's awesome stuff and I had a ton of fun finally taking him down. Of course, there are optional missions and collectibles to strive for but it still doesn't add up to a full-fledged experience.

We need you!

I really hope that more developers start releasing DLC in large chunks instead of these bite-sized pieces. Monolith Soft did an awesome job with Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country and I hope to see more developers become that ambitious with their add-on content and supplementary stories.

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  • After completing it, you'll want to dive straight back in to New York City and swing through new adventures so here's hoping the sequel gets announced soon!

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