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The monarchy, as Charles understood it, had disappeared for ever. Insecurity of tenure would make it impossible for future rulers long to set public opinion at naught, as Charles had done.

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The scaffold at Whitehall accomplished that which neither the eloquence of Eliot and Pym nor the Statutes and Ordinances of the Long Parliament had been capable of effecting. Charles I's life and his execution has often been a subject of popular representations in the modern day. Muddiman, have retold the tale of Charles I's decline and fall, through his trial and to his execution, in narrative histories. Films and television have exploited the dramatic tension and shock of the execution for many purposes: from comedy as in Blackadder: The Cavalier Years , to period drama as in To Kill a King.

This stigma has slowly been lifted, as academic interest has risen throughout the late 20th-century; eliciting much interest in , upon the th anniversary of the trial and execution of Charles I.

Execution of Charles I

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The executioner is depicted wearing a dark hood rather than a wig and mask and the depiction of the Banqueting House is inaccurate compare with Inigo Jones ' plan for the building. It is also central to any attempt to define the nature of the English revolution of " Worden : "The beheading of Charles I on January 30th, , left an indelible mark on the history of England and on the way that the English think about themselves" Klein , p.

King Charles I was the first European monarch to be put on trial for his life in public by his own subjects.

National Portrait Gallery. Retrieved The Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution Oxford University Press. King Charls, his case, or, An appeal to all rational men concerning his tryal at the High Court of Justice.

London: Peter Cole. The British Museum. Archived from the original on January 30". Lee, Matthew Henry ed. Diaries and Letters of Philip Henry. British Library.

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  • ‘Some fewe cunning and ill affected men’.
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Early English Books. Restoration Historians and the English Civil War.

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Morton Wedgwood, C. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: Date format Articles with short description. Charles and his Royalist supporters were defeated in , and the king was held in captivity while Parliament decided what to do next. Oliver Cromwell persuaded Parliament that by waging war on his people, Charles had committed an act of treason. After the execution, Oliver Cromwell established a Commonwealth before becoming Lord Protector, with all the powers of a king.

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Execution Of King Charles I: To Kill A King

Archives sector Historical Manuscripts Commission Finding funding Projects and programmes Case studies and research reports Operating your archive Our role in the archives sector. This was presented in having been found in an antique dealer's yard. This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library. Designed by. Developed by. Toggle navigation. Charles I. Burial His body was embalmed after the execution and then taken to St James' Palace where it remained on public view until 7th February.

James II (r.1685-1688)

Memorial bust A lead bust of the king is sited over the eastern porch of St Margaret's Westminster there is another over the entrance to the Banqueting House in Whitehall. The Banqueting Hall is open to the public. Charles I by Anthony van Dyck [Public domain]. Related commemorations See all commemorations.

Charles I Charles I
Charles I Charles I
Charles I Charles I
Charles I Charles I
Charles I Charles I
Charles I Charles I

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