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The good news is this: if you are having a few peaceful drinks and not an out-of-control party , most likely the police will just come by and ask you to put away the bottles. Do you have any tips on the rules and regulations in Paris?

What is binge drinking?

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I lived in Paris for 10 years and have returned at least once a year since, and I had no idea. This is good information, merci.

21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time - People Vs. Food

Veronique French Girl in Seattle. Abby, I enjoyed this article and like others, had no idea that sharing a bottle of wine was not allowed anywhere in Paris!

Drink | Definition of Drink by Merriam-Webster

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Abby Gordon 7 years ago. Norma Thiessen 7 years ago.

Let’s be Smart: an app on responsible consumption of alcohol

Virginia Jones 7 years ago. I decided I would drink a glass only on the weekend if we went out to eat. No more bottles of wine at home. I thought this would be achingly hard — my wine time! I was motivated to shed those pounds, and seeing if wine was the culprit felt like a fun experiment, versus a deprivation.

Could changing something relatively small — a 5-ounce glass of wine is only calories — make a difference?

Over the course of three months, the answer unfolded: Yes, in fact, it did make a difference, and I lost the 10 pounds I had slowly gained. My clothes fit nicely again, I no longer felt bloated after dinner, and I was just more energetic.

Liver Damage

I also stopped eating an extra portion at dinner — another to calories — because I had my wits about me and better recognized that I was feeling full. There were other physical benefits, too.

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  • The worsening small red patches on my cheekbones, rosacea, mostly vanished, consistent with research findings that drinking wine, and especially white wine, can aggravate the condition. Weight loss may have been my impetus, but the truth is, what happened on the scale is the least interesting part.

    Do you enjoy a drink now and then?

    Paying attention to my alcohol intake made me realize how many unexamined statements I uttered about needing wine to get through something. It also made me feel like less of a hypocrite as a parent. Log In.

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