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TROI: We did our best to prepare him. I've still got a long way to go. A long way. You'll be fine. Every one say hi! It's good to see you again. Welcome aboard the Enterprise.

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It is an honour to be the first Romulan to freely walk about a Federation Starship. At Nelvana three, he threatened to take the hull of the Enterprise home as a war trophy. TROI: That was a long time ago. Many things have changed, including Tomalak. All of the difficult issues have been resolved.

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Your Captain Riker is the kind of negotiator even the Ferengi should avoid. The new alliance will greatly benefit my people. It will.

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  • Have you fully recovered? He's looking forward to attending the final negotiations as planned. The signing of this treaty is an historic occasion. You, of all people, deserve to be there. And this, I assume, is your Tactical position.

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    Admiral, Deanna, I need a moment with you. Commander Data, if you would accompany the Ambassador on his tour. DATA: Certainly, sir. DATA: Ambassador, you may find this of interest. These newly refined sensors are capable of pinpointing the power emissions of a cloaked warbird even at warp. They have nothing to gain by betrayal. You've always said it's a chess game with the Romulans. Move, counter move, guile and deceit. His desire for peace is sincere. He wants this alliance. There is no cause for concern. We're talking about revealing the location of Outpost twenty three, the key to all of our defences in the Neutral Zone.

    The strategic importance of Outpost twenty three is minimal. Has been for years.

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    Are you there, Captain? He's been taken to Sickbay. You'd better come down here right away.

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    Now, let's go easy on this arm for a little while, okay? You could break your neck! I didn't mean to. It's just that, for all practical purposes, this is my first day as a father and he almost kills himself. He just broke a wrist, just like a lot of other boys his age when they fall. It's difficult. What about for Jean-Luc? Can you imagine how he feels? You've lost sixteen years. Jean-Luc has lost a lot more than that.

    First his mother and now his father.

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    You can take him home. How's the arm? Dad, I'm really sorry.

    I mean, I know you've got more important things to do. I know how hard this is for you. When I was your age, my own father he wasn't there for me. And I really needed him. I've often wondered what kind of father I'd be. I never felt quite ready. The idea even scared me a little. But I guess I got over it. You're here. It's important to me that I don't let you down, Jean-Luc. You've always been there for me.

    Your first step, your first tooth, nothing. And I want to remember. I guess there's only one thing we can do.

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