How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby

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But it's hard to have fun when your car can't even make it down the track! The look in my son's eyes versus the tears in the other kid's eyes was well worth the bucks. My son's car won first place for all of the local Tiger Cubs! We placed the weights just like you said and proceeded to zoom past every pinewood derby car that showed up except for one.

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Your overall thinking and designs are very sound, and while we saw other cars with altered wheels, various weight placements, and polished this and thats; only our car seemed to implement ALL of the hints from your book. We definitely had the "winning edge".

This was our first race and the first pinewood derby car we ever built — ever. I sat there and watched many little boys bawling their eyes out and looking to their dads for an explanation as to why their cars lost. Sometimes they would ask their dads with tears in their eyes why their pinecar didn't even make it down to the end of the track! Not my kid — I bought the book and my kid was doing back flips and now has a trophy with his name on it.

At the start of the very first race, his car was placed up there at the top of the track with the other cars. We didn't know what would happen. Then the scout master flipped the little lever down and my kid's pine wood derby car beat the other cars by 2 feet! I was standing behind my son and picture this — he very slowly turned around and looked at me and gave me a smile that I will remember forever. We purchased it a couple of weeks before our first pinecar race. Our son is a Tiger Cub in the Cub Scouts program and we had never built a pinewood derby car before.

We had absolutely no idea what to do! I had you send me the text via e-mail, which helped us to get started before the book arrived in the mail. When the day of our pinewood derby race came, we were ready, but not at all expecting the results we experienced!

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Our son's pinewoodderby car was the fastest in the building! His total time for his six heats one on each lane of the track was almost two seconds faster than any other pine car there. The look on my son's face alone was well worth the cost of the book, not to mention the pride that he felt and confidence that he gained. It was a great family project and we can't wait until next year's derby.

We are hooked! Louis, MO. Just a quick note to say "Thanks so very much! When he brought home the kit to build a car I had no idea what I was supposed to do and to complicate things even more he said "I really want to win at least third place. I followed your tips and ideas very close and we ended with a slick looking race car. Roger did a lot of the sanding and helped with every thing that I felt a 8 year old could do. Race night came and he beat the first 3 cars by a good three feet and he only lost one race out of the entire night. There was something wrong with one lane of the track as some cars did not even finish and no one won with that lane.

Roger was in third place on that lane at the bottom of the hill and by the end he had passed one and was almost passed the winner at the end.

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Your explanations of weight positioning are getting the credit for that for sure. He is still sleeping with the trophy and is the happiest little guy he could be. It may have even meant more to me than to him. Thomas, What can I say? We did it again! After purchasing your book last year, my son won his pack's pinewood derby championship by going and beating out 49 cars.

Tonight his car went and beat out 44 cars to win his 2nd championship in a row! There were two really close heats where his car just edged out the other ones at the line. The tips you have in your book gave our car the winning edge.

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He told his mom that "this was the best time ever" in his life. On a side note This year they had a Father's Pinewood Derby competition and there were 14 entries I raced my son's pinewood derby car to see whose was fastest So far the 3 cars made using your tips, have gone , and have taken home three 1st place trophies. Looking to three-peat next year. We only had three days to make his car, so I went ahead and ordered your download of the book. I read, I saw, I understood, and the closest anyone came to him out of thirty-five pinewood derby cars was two feet!

I can't wait to get the actual book!

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For anyone blessed with kids that look up to them, this is not a how-to, but a service to mankind! Your instruction and insight was just what we needed to build the winning car!

A former NASA engineer explains how you can use science to build a fast Pinewood Derby car.

My kids placed 1st and 2nd in their age group. Also, the 1st place car won overall fastest. He beat out the adults winner by more than 4 tenths of a second. Everybody asked what we did, but I wouldn't tell them. Thanks a million for writing this booklet.

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We weren't sure how it would work out but after the first race we knew we would be giving people a run for the money. The last pinewood derby race was us three and it was a photo finish and Max won! The other parents didn't believe it so they told Max to wait after they gave him the trophy. So they wanted to race again and this time he beat them by even more My son looked at me and started shaking and ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever.

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I had tears in my eyes because that was the first time we ever won our pine wood derby! Next year the competition will be even greater but we know what to do for our pinewood derby next year! Thank you so much for this book - it was the difference! I am not very handy with tools, so I went to the store and bought a pre-packaged car for the race. My son painted the car and it really looked good.

We both were excited the night of the race.

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After the first race, I knew we were in for a long night. We took last almost every race. The look on my son's face just broke my heart. The derby took place on a Saturday night. The following Monday, I went on line and starting reading about the pinewood derby. I happened upon your e-book and decided to purchase it. I feel as though that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had a year to get ready for the next pinewood derby and I was determined to not see that look in his eyes again.

I enlisted a friend of mine to help me and my son work on the car. We all had a great time learning together. My son and I learned how to work with the tools. My friend was as excited as we were to build a good pinewood derby car. To make a long story shorter, we followed your instructions to the T. We also won for the best looking pinewood derby car.

I will email you a picture of my son with his car and the great smile on his face. I just wanted to write to say thank you for sharing your ideas.

How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby
How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby

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