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Friend's Name:. Friend's Email:. Your Message:. Verification Code:. For most of the postwar era, the popular narrative about the war in Germany claimed that the SS had perpetrated the most egregious crimes of the Nazi regime and the Wehrmacht only participated in "exceptional" cases.

But in the last two decades, historians have argued for a far greater Wehrmacht involvement in the killing of Jews, Polish partisans, prisoners of war and many others, especially in the former Soviet Union. Accordingly, each of the miniseries' episodes was followed by a documentary program in which real German veterans discussed their experiences during the war, and viewers were referred to a web page where they could share their own memories or answer questions like "What would you have done?

It's a formula with some precedents: Over the last several decades, the TV miniseries has become a curiously powerful medium for spurring cultural discussions about history and guilt. In , ABC's "Roots," a nine-part miniseries that followed a black family from the Gambia to American plantations and into the 20th century, launched a new discussion about slavery and African-American history in the U.

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It's easy to see what draws networks to this kind of programming: They offer easy name recognition for viewers and are pretty much guaranteed to get media coverage. They also allow audiences to attach themselves to the most momentous aspects of their own history: France, for example, filmed its own "Napoleon" miniseries, the UK "Elizabeth I," Australia "Anzacs," Canada "The Arrow," among many others. And Germany, with its incredibly fraught relationship with its own past, has in recent years proven to be a remarkably fertile ground for the historical miniseries—although they have tended to be darker than, say, "The Kennedys.

There have also been TV films about Rommel and Stauffenberg, and each of those, to varying degrees, launched media debates about history, atrocity and guilt.

To be truly successful, historical miniseries require a delicate balancing act between historical accuracy, simplicity, and melodrama. Elie Wiesel notoriously accused "Holocaust" of being "inaccurate and offensive. After "Our Mothers, Our Fathers" aired on German TV, Polish TV executives issued an angry complaint to the ZDF, the German public network on which the miniseries aired, about its portrayal of Polish partisan fighters as anti-Semites, and some historians accused it of downplaying the pervasive Nazi ideology of young people at the time.

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And truth be told, the miniseries' penchant for melodrama can be queasy-making at times. One of its primary subplots involves an unspoken love between Charlotte and Wilfried, but given Wilfried's occasional tendency to shoot innocent Russians, it seems petty to worry about the future of his love life. An extremist from one of the many woden clans had shot and killed the High Prince of the Golden Kingdom of the Avelon over the occupation of their sacred woods. Of their ancestral home. The response was swift. The Avelonian army torched the woods in response, and crossed into Enevere.

Through series of alliances, or similar ideology more nations would be consumed in this conflict, until the world burned. The world split into the Alliance of Empires, and the Vineslian Pact Eucadia, 3rd Reich: It took the Eucadians hundreds of years to reform their fallen empire. Having reclaimed much of it's territory only to see it split again. Over years ago the territory that is now Lagotia seceeded in a bitter civil war. In the end, the Empire survived the fracture, but has never been able to recover it's territory in the mainland with the Lagotians rivaling them, instead, opting to gain land overseas through colonies and conquest.

My Father’s War Pictures, and Mine

The people of Eucadia to this day continue to see Lagotia as a rebel province that needs to be reclaimed. When the war broke out, the Eucadians eyed the Lagotians moves carefully. When Lagotia intervened with Enevere and Avelon, Eucadia officially announced it's allegiance with the High Elves of Avelon, and launched an invasion to reclaim the rebel territory.

Having always been a sister kingdom since the dawn of time. Having been conquered during the First Empire of Eucadia, the people of the old Lagotian Kingdom were content as war with the dark armies broke out not too long later. However, since then the people have firmly held onto their independence. Following the Royal Family, a mix of Elvish and Human blood to seal a pact between those living in the kingdom. Soon, by conquest or by marriage treaties, more territory joined the kingdom, until the Eucadian Empire eventually re-invaded and occupied their lands.

For over years the Lagotians remained part of the empire.

My Father’s War

After their war of independence, the Lagotians have always stood ready for the next Eucadian incursion. Believing firmly in the values of independence and right of sovereignty for all nations, they've been a firm rival of the Eucadians expansions into the mainland.

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However, even Lagotia for all it's rights is hypocritical, as even they have colonies and territories abroad. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant?

Generation War - Battle of Kurchatow
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War
Our Fathers War Our Fathers War

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