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Open search form. Search the Catalogue Website. Enter search query Clear Text. Saved Searches Advanced Search. Search Catalogue Website. Talons of Power. Average Rating:. Rate this:. Quotes 14 Add a Quote. I'll give you ven- oh, hi Turtle. From my students. Dragons — Juvenile Fiction. Magic — Juvenile Fiction. Quests Expeditions — Juvenile Fiction.

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Good and Evil — Juvenile Fiction. Fantasy Fiction. Action and Adventure Fiction. Children's Electronic Books. Show more Show less. The Garou can mask her scent completely, making herself virtually impossible to track. A fox-spirit teaches this Gift. System : The difficulties of all rolls to track the Garou increase by two. This Gift becomes an innate ability to the Garou who learns it. She need not expend any points or make any rolls. However, the Ragabash may still leave a scent behind if she decides to do so voluntarily which may be necessary to blend in with wolf packs.

The Red Talons did not survive for so many years without learning ways to conceal themselves. This Gift allows a Garou to leave behind no physical evidence that would betray her hand or claws and teeth in a slaying. This Gift is taught my a snake-spirit. System: After a battle, the Garou must lick each wound she inflicted once. Any peripheral damage smashed furniture, for example remains as it was, however. Wolves can sense which animal from a herd is sick or weak and therefore the easiest prey. Red Talons can do so normally when confronted with a herd of deer, but more complex creatures like predators or pseudo-predators like humans make this difficult.

This Gift, taught by a wolf-spirit, allows the Talon to pick out the weakest member of a group at a glance. It does not reveal why the target is the weak link in a herd, only that she is, but that alone is often enough to give the Garou an edge. If the roll succeeds, the character knows which member of a given group is the weakest determined by the Storyteller and which is the leader. If the Red Talon enters combat against this group, she gains an extra die to her attack pools against the weakest member.

With this Gift, the Talon may emit a cry for help designed to lead a human into an ambush.

In years past, the Talons would use this Gift to mimic the death-cry of a deer or a similar animal, since many humans still hunted their own food. A Raven-spirit teaches this Gift. The difficulty varies on how complex the imitated sound is. The Red Talon need not actually have heard a human soldier before for example , but if he uses this Gift successfully, nearby humans will hear a soldier yelling for help.

Lupus Garou often have difficulty when walking among humans, even as part of a pack.


Talons of Power (Book)

Those few Red Talons that are intrigued rather than enraged by human behavior have even bigger problems, as they cannot expect instruction from the tribe in human ways. This Gift allows a lupus werewolf to learn from a mistake and gain a better understanding of human devices and customs, albeit temporarily. Weaver-spirits and strangely enough some ancestor-spirits teach this Gift. System : This Gift, once learned, is always active. Any time the player attempts a roll using an Ability that the characters does not possess and fails the roll, she may spend a point of Gnosis and make the roll again, adding one die.

This does not replace the original roll, so any consequences of failure must still be faced. Note that since a character that has no dots in a Knowledge cannot normally use that Knowledge at all, a character with this Gift must use it to make such an attempt at all. For example, Eyes-like-Hornets, a Red Talon Ragabash, gets into a conversation with a human woman and attempts to tell her a joke.

The player spends a Gnosis point and makes another roll, adding a die. This time, it succeeds. If the original roll is a botch, the player may still spend a Gnosis point to make another attempt, but the difficulty increases by one. Perhaps the most disturbing Gift the Red Talons as a tribe have access to, Silence the Slain allows a Garou to cut a victim off from any means of help by rendering him unable to make sounds of any kind.

Even pounding his fists on the windows of a passing car will not disturb the passengers therein. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift, the better to enjoy the agony of being hunted down when potential aid stands deafly by. System : The victim must see the Garou in order for the character to activate this Gift.

If the roll succeeds, the target is unable to make sound for one scene. The target cannot speak, and cannot make sound by touching an object. Some of them have to be taught a lesson and left alive, for whatever reason.

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This Gift induces a terrible dread of and respect for the forest, and it makes a human target afraid to tamper with it in any way. Any predator spirit can teach this Gift. System : The Garou must make eye contact with the target, but he can be in any form when she does so. The effects last for one day per success. During this time, the human must roll Willpower to leave his home, and he may not go near anything resembling a forest without spending a Willpower point.

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If the human does leave home, he is shaky and fearful until he returns, and his player loses two dice from all Mental and Social dice pools. While some Red Talons abstain from eating humans because of the Litany, the more common reason for hunting more conventional game is that humans are befouled by the chemicals they put into their bodies.

In other places, the land is so corrupted that other game animals begin to taste rubbery and disgusting. With this Gift, a Red Talon can purge chemicals and other poisons from dead flesh. A water elemental teaches this Gift.

Talons (The Lost Tribe, #1) by Karolyn Cairns

The Garou must touch the mean he wishes to cleanse. Each use of this Gift cleans approximately fifty pounds of dead mean of any non-supernatural toxins. System : The player spends one Gnosis point. The Gift lasts until the end of the scene. Creatures of the Wyrm who hear the howl find themselves troubled and unable to rest easily while their enemies are on the prowl. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

Creatures of the Wyrm who hear the howl will be jolted awake if asleep, and rendered unable to sleep for the next successes x 3 hours. If he knows anything about his prey, the character can track it down as rapidly as he can travel. This unerring sense of direction operates anywhere, and it is useful for tracking spirits through the Umbra as well as finding beings on Earth. A wolf- or dog-spirit teaches this Gift. The spirit of a hunting dog teaches this Gift. System: The player rolls Gnosis difficulty 6 for packmates, 7 for Kinfolk before the character eats.

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  • For each success, whatever the character eats also nourishes another being. While any lupus werewolf can lean the secrets of jumping great distances, the Red Talons have refined the Gift to great effect when chasing or ambushing a foe.

    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)
    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)
    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)
    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)
    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)
    Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1) Talons (The Lost Tribe Book 1)

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