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To see our children happy, healthy, and secure in their life. I love the list.

It makes me smile at how lovely my son is. The number of folks brought to tears by the list indicates to me the fundamental challenge and the poignancy of parenting that we all face. I just wanted to let other parents of special needs children know that the sentimental power of the kindnesses are as beautiful as they are painful. I truly feel god has led me to this list.

My When your child does something right or is about to do something wrong and you want to encourage them to make a better choice , find a reason to clap wildly for them. I wish you would make a list just for teenagers.

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Things get harder then! It is also harder to communicate unconditional love to a teen trying to be independent and trying to forge an independent identity. Yes, my kids right now are 1. Someone else has asked me about creating a teenager list as well, I think I may have a new blog assignment to research and write…. This is a fabulous post! You made me smile. I always wish I could reply to more comments, so thank you. Apparently I do OK. My no. Feedle is your littlest finger, Fum is your thumb.

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You then introduce your child to each character and they can go on whatever adventure you want for however long you have. Feedle must have a little squeaky voice, Fum has a deep voice and the others fill in the octave We usually wake them up and they stretch, eat breakfast, go for a hike over the snow-capped mountains duvet covered knees and crash through the jungle long hair, round ears is good They can ask your child questions about their day, or any other crazy ideas you might have.

I often get my kids to kiss each finger goodnight and they all go to sleep in my pocket. Great thing is they are always available and every night is a different adventure! Thanks Kate, what a great idea with the fingers. My youngest knows that even tho daddy is away, he is still very important to daddy. What a glorious post, and thank you for pointing out the obvious to me on a few things because it makes a difference.

This made me smile and shed a tear, so many of these are such simple things that just get over looked in the hustle and bustle of everyday. I will be taking a careful look at myself from now on.

What Kind Of Child Were You Really?

Thank you x. Hi, loved your post! I got a request from my Russian-speaking friends to translate this into Russian. I will make sure to link back to you!

What kind of child do you have?

Me too! Sometimes I am but there is a fair bit of going over old ground, which is clearly important to them. I love that they want to share it all but I sometimes find it hard to maintain interest. Our no. Has lasted for hours and makes us all happy and we have a lot of ginormous pictures. Great List! I appreciate it because all this time, I thought I was doing my best! I just read how to improve my connection with my daughters..

Thank you so much. Honestly, my biggest struggle is 65 showing them how to do something rather than banning them! I am excited to start is new journey with my daughters.

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I think about this list often and love your new poster. My is to let your child give you a makeover and paint your nails. The nails may not look perfect but she takes such pride in her work!

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  • I found this on Pinterest, and had to share it because it is so important! Thanks so much for putting this out there! Me encanto realmente!!! I love it!!! Love this list! I have a 16 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. Their childhood is running out. I will forever be grateful that when they walk in a room and want my attention they have it. My kids have each commented that they like that I stop what I am doing and give them my full attention when they want to talk, even if it is just about their day or a book they read.

    Sure, we chat while we do things but if they show up to talk, I show up to listen. I love your comment. I have a 21 month old so he still needs me a lot but I will remember this when he gets older. If he shows up to talk, I will show up to listen. I make a real effort everyday to respect when she tells me NO so that she will know her wishes are important to me and that it is okay to say no. I make a real effort everyday to respect when she tells me NO so that she knows her wishes are important to me and she learns that it is okay to say no. This is wonderful.

    Been strugling with helping my daughter with my grandson. I think we all need to practice kindness more. Let them overhear you telling others how wonderful they are and how much you love them. Never let them hear you complain about them or say negative things about them to others. Thank you for the list. It is an easy way to remember to do the little things, and I love that it can be a poster. I desperately needed this tonight.

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    I really needed this. Always show your child love and affection no matter what!!

    What Kind of Child

    Loved this!! This list is awesome! Shared it on FB with my which is give him a massage. At 5 months old, he lights up like a Christmas tree at the smell of the balm and the sounds if my hands warming up. Parenting is full of best moments but this is close to the top! It always makes her smile big, she loves it! Yikes, this is a quite a list. Makes me feel like a bad parent for not doing all of these things.

    Surely there is enough pressure already to be a perfect mum?! I feel depressed! Hi Alissa, your ways to be kind to your child is a beautiful reminder of those moments of grace in parenting.

    Before you continue...

    Gives me added hope that I am not a lone ranger in giving my child an abundance of kindness!!!! Give and then give some more!!! I especially like your one about talking in a sweet voice even if you have to fake it. Disneyland is always happy and so should be our home. Some times we get so involved in our everyday life that we forget to tell our children how important and how much we love them.

    I learned that when my son got in trouble by making the wrong decisions and hanging with people. He choose those people because he felt pulled between me and his father. His father and i were so busy hating each other through a divorce that we forgot about his feelings. He found the wrong kind of love and went to jail. I lost a part of me when he called and said he was in jail.

    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child
    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child
    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child
    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child
    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child
    What Kind of Child What Kind of Child

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